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The Human interface

Modern recruitment methods deployed through the internet have a habit of presenting a cold and sometimes faceless image to candidates.  Often prospective hires are funnelled and channelled electronically through a process which offers little chance of any additional exchanges of information or human contact. waythree provides that vital human interface throughout the recruitment cycle to ensure a watertight talent acquistion solution.  

Your reputation as an employer starts with your recruitment experience so make it a good one

Why waythree?

Good question.  Well, we're owner managed for a start so our interest in your business goes way beyond simply making placements, we're looking to add value throuhghout the whole recruiting process.  We're also agile by design so can offer scaleable solutions incorporating temporary and interim staff as well as permanent recruitment.  In short we will work hard to;

  • Meet your challenge with a robust and cost effective strategy
  • Introduce you to 'otherwise unavailable' talent
  • Enhance your employer brand   

So if you'd like to hear from a seasoned recruiter who can guarantee to improve your organisations recruiting experience please get in touch 

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