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In House Recruiter - Recruitment Partner

A dedicated service free from traditional agency fees.  Specified elements of your recruitment needs are taken care of by us through a combination of site based and remote service provision.  We will optimise your talent attraction strategies, search for and shortlist your candidates, manage your skills pool and ensure you maintain first class hiring habits.  Our Payroll and Payrun facilities provide seamless and robust temporary and interim staff management systems which flex with the demands of your business 

A safe pair of hands offering flexibility and all the benefits of an In House recruiting function 

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Talent Spotting

With a little help from us  you can build and maintain a valuable talent stream, a managed flow of potential candidates geared to meet your ongoing hiring needs. Often our clients find themselves with multiple rolling requirements, preferring to recruit throughout the year with no fixed deadlines.  Perhaps you have the flexibility to hire good people when you see them, if so then Talent Spoting offers a more pragmatic alternative to a traditional recruitment service and as such is free from agency fees

Market intelligence and fully committed candidates delivered at an agreed volume over a fixed period with no agency fees to pay

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Talent acquisition

Headhunting by any other name.  There is a vast dfferenece between available talent (Candidates who respond to a typical recruiting call to action, such as an advert) and otherwise unavailable talent (Potential candidates who need to be sought out and approached).  In our experience that difference can amount to as much as fifty percent of the potential talent pool.  Here at waythree we recognise this and employ novel deeper digging techniques to bring you the best people rather than simply the available people

A guarantee to deliver unique candidates within a specified timeframe